Sealant and Adhesives

Whether you need a consistent bond, accurate proportioning equipment, hot melt supply systems or a reliable way to transfer, meter, mix and dispense materials, AIC offers engineered solutions featuring Graco’s complete line of dispensing equipment.  Whether you are dispensing epoxy, plastisol, sound deadeners, silicone, hot melt materials, potting compounds, butyl, polyurethane, desiccants, warm melt sealer, specialty resins, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or other materials, AIC will work with you to develop the right solution to your sealant and adhesive needs.

  • Bonding / Sealing – Bonding is simply joining two materials together by using an adhesive. Virtually every product assembled requires bonding or sealing at some stage of the process. We offer automated technologies for single-component and two-component bonding and sealing for a broad array of products, markets and end-uses.
  • Vacuum Encapsulating / Potting – Many types of electrical and electronic devices, from medical implants to automotive engine modules, are insulated and protected from the environment by being encapsulated or embedded within polymeric resins.  A complete potting system consists of carefully selected components including dispensing equipment, valves and automation.
  • Gasketing – Precise metering, controlled flow and robotic dispensing are crucial to forming the exact profile required by the application. Count on us for a solution providing accurate and reliable performance.
  • Laminating – Laminating unites several layers of material with a flexible adhesive. We can offer equipment that delivers an accurate amount of mixed adhesives at a specific mix ratio to the application rolls on a solventless laminator.

Whether you have a manual or automated dispensing operation, our team will provide you the solutions you need to resolve your sealant and adhesive challenges.

  • Local specialists to help you determine the best equipment or system for your application.
  • Engineering staff to support automated dispensing systems.
  • Inside sales staff to handle service parts needs.

For further information on how to improve your material dispensing operations, please contact our Greenwood (Indianapolis), Indiana, headquarters, at 800-888-9256.

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