New Radial Piston Air Motors use 30 to 50 percent Less Air than Comparable Rotary Vane Motors

Graco’s new radial piston air motor driven agitators are reliable, simple and cost-effective solutions for low to medium speed (<500 rpm), low to medium viscosity (<1000 cp) agitation applications.

Tested extensively in the lab and the field, these radial piston air motors use 30 to 50 percent less compressed air than comparable rotary vane motors at low to medium speeds. Drop-in installation takes only minutes, so you can immediately start using half the air.

The radial piston air motor offers easy maintenance; air line lubrication is not required. If your customers want to improvement agitation management:

  • Add DataTrak for speed monitoring and over-speed alert
  • Control speed with Graco’s Intelligent Paint Kitchen (IPK) for pneumatic systems

For more about radial piston agitator solutions, part numbers and ordering information, download these resources:

These success stories show how the new radial piston agitator already has helped customers:

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